Versatile Hadiqa Kiani drops first teaser of her upcoming serial

Ten days after her soulful rendition of Noor Jahan’s popular song, Hadiqa shares first teaser of Dobara as an actress

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One thing that we all fear is the destruction of classical songs at the hands of relatively younger singers. The fear is valid, for we have numerous examples of remixes and covers that haven’t done justice to the original tracks.

Hadiqa Kiani, however, changed the conception of renditions being usually poor when on the 6th of September this year, she uploaded a cover of Noor Jahan’s ever-green war song, “Aye Puttar Hataa’n Te Nai Wikde”. It was quite a surprise to wake up to on the morning of the 6th of September, for Kiani, although very active on social media, hadn’t broken any news beforehand telling that she would be paying a tribute to the martyrs of the war of 1965.

A probable reason could be that the singer was trying to avoid the public’s apprehensions regarding the remake of a song sung by the melody queen. A post prior to the uploading of the song might have invited demoralizing, uncalled for comments from the public, asking her to avoid taking the step altogether lest a popular patriotic song is ruined.

Hadiqa, a singer well-trained in multiple genres of music turned the tables and posted a rendition of the song so soulful that it left millions of listeners awestruck. She once again proved that the multiple feathers she has gathered in her hat over the years are not just a result of mere luck, but the product of her proper training in the field of music.

Hadiqa might have produced countless commercial songs keeping in view the demands of the masses, but by including a folk song or two in all of her albums with the wordings enunciated flawlessly, she has always established herself as a very conscientious music artist. In her rendition of “Aye Puttar Hataa’n Te Nai Wikde”, Hadiqa has taken care to keep the music as much light as possible so that the singing remains to be properly attended to, which is usually not the case in remixes.

The music is kept louder than the singer’s voice so that the shortcomings are eclipsed. This is not the case at all in the song under consideration, for a very soft tabla coupled with a flute is played in the background, while Hadiqa’s sweet and smooth voice effortlessly sings the Punjabi song originally sung by Madam Noor Jehan. In her post, Kiani also mentioned that she recorded the song in the same studio which was used by Madam Jee herself for the recording of her songs.

In the comments that followed Hadiqa’s post, all of the listeners exhibited love for the singer and her wonderful attempt, if attempt is the right word at all, at singing a song by a singer who has always been a hard nut to crack. The song instantly became a hit, changing the concept of baseless negative trolling on social media, for all the remarks that poured in were laudatory, and also proving itself as a rarity in the history of remixes.

Ten days after this lovey rendition, Hadiqa Kiani made it to social media again, this time for putting up the first teaser of her upcoming drama serial as an actress, “Dobara”. The serial happens to be Kiani’s second experience of acting, the first one being “Raqeeb Se” which won her a lot of praise throughout the period the drama remained on air. In the teaser of “Dobara”, also a HUM TV production like “Raqeeb Se”, Hadiqa dazzles, glowing like never before.

The freshness which she dons in the clips of this upcoming project of hers tells much about how her character this time is going to be very different from the one she played in “Raqeeb Se”. While in the former she enacted the role of a domesticated woman bearing ruthless violence, the latter presents her as a woman who is not ready to make any kinds of sacrifices at the altar of her happiness just to keep the society happy.

From her involvement in a much younger guy (to be played by Bilal Abbas Khan) and a few dialogues which one can extract for the teaser, it can easily be gathered that Kiani’s character will be breaking a lot of stereotypes including that of age difference between couples. The writer of “Dobara” is unknown up till now, but the directorial work has been done by Danish Nawaz and the serial will be aired under the banner of MD Productions.

Muhammad Ali has an M.Phil in classic and contemporary Pakistani television drama, Partition Novel and Literary Environmental Literature. He has written extensively on these topics for various local newspapers between 2015-2020. His research on Sahira Kazmi's classical drama serial "Zaib un Nisa" has been presented on various platforms such as Olomopolo Media and ICDELL, 2019. He can be reached on Twitter @MuhammadAli_DT, and through email at