Video of Seema Haider’s film audition surfaces following her escape to India

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A viral video on social media showcases Seema Haider, who recently fled to India, giving an audition for a film. In the video, Seema Haider is seen reading lines with a male actor in a screen test, engaging in a conversation over the phone.

The dialogues from the film suggest that it revolves around the theme of breaking down the barriers of religion and borders for the sake of ‘love,’ which is directed at promoting Pakistan’s foundation of the two-nation theory. In one scene, Seema Haider’s character emphasizes, “I have loved you truly. This wall of religion and borders cannot separate us. I only worry about my children.”

The actor playing Sachin delivers lines, reassuring Seema, “They are not just yours, but my children too. Free yourself from the captivity of Ghulam Haider. There’s no more waiting.” The scene concluded with Sachin Jayashree Ram’s line, which Seema repeats.

It’s worth noting that Indian filmmaker Amit Jhani has offered Seema Haider a role in his Roman-themed film “From Karachi to Noida,” which is based on the love story of Seema and Sachin.

On the other hand, producer Amit Jhani, who cast a Pakistani girl in the film, has been receiving threats from a Hindu extremist group named “Bajrang Dal.” They have reportedly issued severe threats against him for casting a Pakistani named Seema Haider in his upcoming film.

Amit Jhani has filed a police complaint, alleging that Monu Mannish, the leader of Bajrang Dal, threatened him over a WhatsApp call, warning that Seema Haider from Pakistan should not be cast in the film.

It is important to mention that Seema Haider, formerly known as Ghulam Haider, was the wife of a citizen of Karachi, Ghulam Haider, and the mother of four children. She developed an affection for Sachin, a resident of Uttar Pradesh, India, while playing PUBG. To live with her lover and her four children, Seema Haider illegally entered India via Nepal. The two had a publicized wedding ceremony in a temple in Nepal.