Wahab Riaz sparks controversy with reckless driving: Splashing bikers on flooded roads

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Wahab Riaz, the Advisor to the Punjab Chief Minister on Sports and Youth Affairs, has faced significant criticism for splashing bikers and pedestrians on flooded roads in Lahore.

Following heavy rainfall that broke a 30-year-old record, resulting in multiple casualties, Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi and his cabinet visited various areas of the city to assess the situation and oversee clearance and drainage operations.

In a video shared on Twitter, Wahab Riaz can be seen driving recklessly through the flooded streets, splashing rainwater onto passing vehicles and motorcyclists.

Social media users expressed their disapproval of Riaz’s behavior, with some labeling him as an “illegal sports minister” and criticizing his disregard for others on the road. Calls for his resignation also surfaced among netizens.

One user sarcastically commented on Riaz’s cricketing skills, saying “Na bowling ati hy na sharam.”

Another social media user said, “He is driving the car so fast and doesn’t care for people on the road at all.”

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