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Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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EditorialWar goes on

War goes on

According to the Russian Kremlin, the great nations of Europe are refusing to sit at the table and talk. Russia has offered to talk through the conflict and achieve a viable solution for either side, with some major demands of the course. European powers, namely France and Germany, have refused any dialogue. The Russian conflict requires mediation and no one is offering any help in this regard, except Turkey. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov appreciated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s efforts towards finding a solution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Paris and Berlin refuse to listen to the Russian side which is delaying the solution.

France, Germany and more or less all of the rest of the world have placed the blame for this conflict on Russia. The invading power was condemned for its actions by almost every country around the globe except a few that are Russian allies. Most countries do want to find a solution to the problem and had it been their problem they would have sat down with Russia and talked. The European powers and the US, however, have refused to talk with Russia. In their opinion, sitting down with an invader state will only give negotiation power to that state and the western world cannot have that.

The problem with this conflict and with any other one is that unless it is solved soon, it will continue until the end of time. It may seem that Russia is willing to sit at the table and talk, however, it is not ready to talk about anything related to returning Ukraine’s land or getting its forces out of the other sovereign country. It will only reinforce the idea that the land captured by it has always belonged to Russia and it is the will of the people over there to be with the larger country. Russia wants to sit and talk so that its economic ties are not disrupted and business runs as usual. While the west is not willing to make any concessions as Russia is committing grave human rights violations in Ukraine. The upholder of human rights, the west, cannot allow this to happen.

While the Russia-Ukraine conflict is one of the deadliest border conflicts that has occurred in recent years, it does not exist in isolation. Many other such conflicts have been lingering for years and the west has not even acknowledged them completely. The hypocrisy of the west is real and this conflict has only taken precedence over others due to it being in Europe and with Russia being the counterpart. If they wish to solve it, talks must start somewhere and for that Germany and France must talk with Russia and come up with a viable solution. If this is not done sooner, more people will keep suffering at the hands of the Russians and a greater number of refugees will reside in other parts of Europe. Although that would not be much of a problem because the refugees are from Europe itself and not from some savage third-world country. Still, the economic aspects of this conflict have far-reaching effects and the earlier it is solved, the better it will be for Europe and Russia. Concessions will have to be made on either side but for that to be done the nations must come together.


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