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‘War of narratives’

'For economical and global influence, world powers can start wars anywhere at any time. Their 'independent media' is also controlled by their ruling elite and can mold their public opinion to any side they like. We need to keep a deep eye on people sitting at top positions just as we kept our eyes on most critical project completed in Kahuta's research laboratories. Without keeping deep eyes on all of our essential economic projects, we can't get economically strong to proceed with absolute independence'

Many people think that this is a ‘war of narratives’ going on at the national level as well as at the international level. Psychological warfare is considered more important because it can create confusion and uncertainty in the enemy’s ranks and bring down its morale. Propaganda which is a fatal tool is used to blind the enemy. It is also used within a country by different parties and groups against their foes. In the ‘game of politics’, which is the game of power-grabbing, some politicians do nothing but continue the ‘blame game’ and ‘political point securing’. Pakistan is a perfect example of such countries where politicians focus their propaganda guns on each other and indulge in the hate-creating practice that damages boundaries which have been set for the protection of all types of national interests.

Most of our political parties are proud of having many chatterbox-type spokespersons who are famous for derailing the political train from the rational to the hooliganism track. Everyone talks about the irrational and emotional attitudes of the general masses. We know that a big chunk of our population is illiterate and does not understand their responsibilities. Our ‘enemies’ have planned to create distrust and disappointment among our people regarding the country. The ‘lust for power’ has blinded some of our politicians. The foggy ‘intellectual’ atmosphere of the government allows the ‘enemy’ to carve its way to sabotage our unity and nationalism. True, some politicians have grabbed the power in our country, and some are agitating against how the coalition won the majority in the parliament and the harsh style of blaming the ousted government for performing poorly during its regime.

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Ordinary Pakistanis are not concerned with the big mouths and their claims. They are concerned about the economic difficulties they are facing. They are worried about the ‘corruption’ and injustices they are facing. They are sorry for the ‘rude’ attitude and ‘rubbish’ politics some of our politicians are practicing. Whatever the cheating and plundering is going on in the ranks of politicians, collective wisdom of the people has an intense eye on it. A commoner knows that if they, as an individual, are wrong and don’t have a decent and rational attitude, it doesn’t matter. Still, if the politicians don’t present model roles in their place, it will have devastating effects on national life. In other words, all of us are waiting and looking at the hands of our leaders when they will present a model role besides their jugglery and when they will arrange compulsory free education and health cover for us all?

We are waiting to see the well-trained and well-behaved political workers working with the street people to bring them out of severe problems and struggle to improve their quality of life and working to keep the prices under control, training commoners to take necessary measures for maintaining themselves away from the diseases, for starting cooperative movements in the communities for better incomes and sending the kids to schools for compulsory education. The question is, can these political workers leave the role of slogan chanters, and commission agents of their leaders? Politics at the global level is not offering a different scenario. We consider ourselves an independent nation and are proud of it, but with their neo-colonialism tactics, world powers keep us subjugated to their regimes. They have imposed servitude upon us through their purchased men who are present at top posts in all of our institutions.

Like our landlords, these world powers have no hesitation in confessing. The facts are written in a book – No exit from Pakistan – is not the only proof. Many proceedings of the US Congress which come into the light frequently also show why and how they want to be economically and socially weak. Their fears and suspicions have compelled them to suppress us to the maximum. Irrespective of their awesome weaponry, IMF, World Bank, and the other global organizations are the tools in their hands to use for economic pressures. They are achieving the desired results to meet their policies. The big powers’ role on this globe is not different than that of our parties. They never keep the global interests in their eyes. Their purpose is only to extract the developing countries’ wealth through their ‘puppets’. Their selfish policies are only to benefit some of the ruling families of their countries.

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For economical and global influence, they can start wars anywhere in the world at any time. They even don’t care about the public opinion of their countries. Their ‘independent media’ is also controlled by their ruling elite and can mold their public opinion to any side they like. Not only that their media is in their jaws, but they have made considerable investments in influencing the media of developing countries. Therefore, ours is the struggle of a lean person against a powerful wrestler. We need to keep a deep eye on the people sitting at the top positions just as we kept our eyes on the most critical project completed in Kahuta’s research laboratories. Without keeping deep eyes on all of our essential economic projects, like gold and uranium mines, we cannot get economically strong to proceed with our absolute independence.


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