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Monday, January 30, 2023
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EditorialWar on terror goes on

War on terror goes on

Despite the fact that NATO forces commanded by the United States and its allies have left Afghanistan’s territory, terrorism thrives in Pakistan. The Afghan government said in a policy statement shortly after the foundation of the Islamic Emirate that the Afghan territory would not be used against any country, including Pakistan, yet despite this declaration, incidences of terrorism in Pakistan continue to be reported. The alleged beheading of a Frontier Constabulary trooper in Bannu raises an immediate red flag for authorities, who must act quickly to curb the terrorist threat. It is said Rehman Zaman and his son were gunned down while asleep, according to the harrowing tale of the martyred soldier’s widow. Their house was attacked by 20 armed terrorists, who later beheaded Zaman because the deceased was a government employee. According to Ittehadul Mujahideen Khorasan, a little-known organization, the gruesome beheading was carried out. The TTP has in the past used both security personnel and civilian hostages as targets for this despicable approach. The gruesome incident reminds us of the old times when the TTP ruled parts of Swat and the erstwhile FATA areas, where they beheaded people in acts of terrorism.

Security troops carried out an operation in North Waziristan, killing five militants. Arms and ammo were also discovered on the dead terrorists. The murdered terrorists are believed to have been involved in terrorist attacks against security forces as well as the death of innocent bystanders.  During the intense exchange of fire, Sepoy Nasir Khan was killed. Previously, the Afghan Taliban claimed disinterest in the terrorist attack on a Pakistani military officer stationed in Afghanistan, instead accusing foreign countries of participation. Zabihullah Mujahid, the Afghan Taliban’s spokesman and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Deputy Minister of Information, Science, and Culture, tweeted that an ISIS member engaged in the attack had been apprehended. He claimed that the Islamic Emirates’ special forces in Kabul had apprehended the guy who opened fire on the Pakistani embassy and that the attack was carried out collaboratively by ISIS and the rebels in order to sow discord between the brotherly countries.

It makes little difference if the TTP or ISIS assaulted Pakistan; the reality is that assaults continue to occur, and terrorists go from Afghanistan to do terrorist activities in Pakistan. Terrorists recently attacked the Pakistani embassy in Afghanistan, where diplomat Obaidul Rehman Nizamani amazingly survived, but one guard was gravely hurt. Even though no Afghan residents were involved, the Afghan government was responsible for the secure administration of security towards Afghanistan. The aforementioned incident occurred. It is the Afghan government’s responsibility to completely investigate this occurrence and reveal the country that wishes to foster animosity between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In order to maintain peace and stability in the nation, General Syed Asim Munir, the Chief of Army Staff, has reaffirmed his commitment to carrying out the war against terrorism. The theatre of war that was brought to this country through Afghanistan after 9/11 was defeated by our armed forces, but the malicious attempts of the enemy forces are still going on, and they will be thwarted by the Pakistani army and the country as a whole through military and diplomatic tactics. It is good that on this occasion, our political circles have set aside their differences and competing interests to work cooperatively both inside and outside of the assemblies to end the nation’s condition of agitation and lead it toward the highest aspirations of prosperity and progress.

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