We are doing what we can for Pakistan, says US envoy

US Ambassador to Pakistan Donald Bloom has said that we are doing what we can for Pakistan, but ultimately it is up to the people of Pakistan.

Addressing students at a private university, US Ambassador Donald Bloom said that the turbines in Mangla Dam were installed in the 60s; we are replacing all the turbines installed in Mangla Dam with modern turbines.

“We are doing what we can for Pakistan, but ultimately it’s up to you what you do,” he said.

On the other hand, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Pakistan and South Asia of the US State Department Elizabeth Horst, said that the people are the center of the relationship between Pakistan and the United States, the United States is Pakistan’s largest export market, at present there is an economic problem going on all over the world and no single country can solve the economic problem alone.

Elizabeth Horst said that after the change of regime in Afghanistan and the occupation of Kabul, Pakistan showed an open heart for Afghans and Pakistan had been hosting Afghan refugees with an open heart for a long time.

She further said that the horrific incident in Peshawar Mosque was very painful, and dealing with terrorism is not only a problem of Pakistan and America but of the international community, America will continue to support Pakistan to prevent terrorism, and security talks between the two countries will be held in a few weeks to prevent terrorism.

Elizabeth Horst said that not only the Taliban, but al-Qaeda, and other violent parties had also been involved in terrorism.