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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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We are ready to facilitate Pakistan and TTP negotiation again: Suhail Shaheen

Head of the political office of Afghan Taliban Doha, Suhail Shaheen stated that the reconciliation effort with the TTP should continue as it could resolve problems amicably and we are prepared to assist Pakistan in negotiations.

Suhail while giving an interview with a Pakistani media outlet stated that we have a brotherly relationship with Pakistan from an Islamic perspective and that Pakistan is home to millions of Afghan refugees, a fact that cannot be ignored.

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“Pakistan backed a peaceful Afghan settlement when talks with the US were ongoing. We are grateful to Pakistan for doing everything it could to play a significant role.”

He added that the rumours about Pakistan’s involvement in setting up an interim administration in Afghanistan are untrue while responding to the question.

“Everyone in politics is widely recognized, thus it is impossible to choose anyone and make him a minister in a government. The Pakistani military does not meddle in Afghan affairs.”

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“Despite having a close relationship with Pakistan, we refuse to follow orders from anyone.”

He attributed the propagandizing between Pakistan and Afghanistan to social media and those living in western nations.

Suhail mentioned, “We had thought that Pakistan would be the first nation to recognize us following the independence of Afghanistan, but that hasn’t occurred yet.”

He said that we will adhere to our commitments under the Doha Agreement and will not permit India or any other nation to exploit Afghan soil against our neighbours, notably Pakistan.


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