Weapons found from Zaman Park during raid, claims IGP Punjab

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar stated at a press conference held shortly after the guns were found that the police carried out the operation after obtaining a search warrant because police and Rangers had been attacked earlier this week from Zaman Park.

Anwar was joined at the press conference by the interim information minister for Punjab Aamir Mir.

According to Amir Mir, no place will be permitted to become a “No go” area. Punjab Police launched an operation to remove the newly constituted Zaman Park “No go” area, he said.

IG Punjab said that the police stopped the operation in Zaman Park because of High Court’s instruction and a PSL game.

Usman Anwar said that the court made it clear to investigate according to law. He said that they had prepared a complete list of people using modern technology and today the police went to Zaman Park to arrest the miscreants from different areas.

He said that they had gone to Zaman Park with the women police. He said that a search warrant was obtained around noon after which PTI leadership was contacted and they said that “we are not there.”

Earlier, Punjab police burst into Imran Khan’s home in Zaman Park as an operation to clear the neighborhood was started on Saturday as the former premier left for Islamabad to attend a court in the Toshakhana case.


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