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Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Weekly inflation climbs by 0.35%; annual increase has been 27.13%: PBS report

The weekly inflation in the country has climbed by 0.35 percent whereas the increase in annual rate in the week has been 27.13 percent, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) report has shown.

According to the Sensitive Price Index (SPI), despite the decrease in the spending power of consumers the prices of at least 23 essential items increased. However, the prices of 14 items decreased and 14 items remained stable.

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The prices of salt have increased by 4.84 percent, tomato by 2.63 percent, dry milk by 2.22 percent, tea by 1.24 percent, fresh milk by 1.23 percent, firewood by 1.57 percent, potatoes by 1.88 percent, LPG by 0.45 percent and lentils by 3.63 percent.

During the week, the prices of black gram decreased by 1.74 percent, chicken by 3.49 percent and flour by 1.95 percent.

The PBS data has also showed 14 essential commodities remained stable in terms of prices.

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The data also showed that the inflation rate for families with monthly income up to Rs17,732 remained at 22.65 percent; 26.14 percent for groups with monthly income between Rs22,889 to Rs29,517; 328.48 percent for those with monthly income between Rs29,518 to Rs44,175 and it remained at 32.58 percent for people with monthly income more than Rs44,176.



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