Weekly inflation rises most since October 2022

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Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) said that the Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI)-based inflation for the week ended July 26, 2023, increased by 3.73 percent due to an increase in the prices of food items, chilli powder (28.98 percent), tomatoes (19.71 percent), eggs (4.77 percent), garlic (3.09 percent), and non-food items, electricity charges for q1 (20.98 percent), and LPG (4.12 percent).

This is the greatest week-on-week increase since October 27th, 2022, according to Arif Habib Limited (AHL).

Year on year, prices for wheat flour (132.36 percent), cigarettes (110.75 percent), gas charges for q1 (108.38 percent), tea Lipton (97.71 percent), rice basmati broken (79.60 percent) and rice irri-6/9 (73.23 percent) have increased by 29.21 percent.

Sugar (63.72 percent), potatoes (62.65 percent), tomatoes (60.50 percent), gents sponge chappal (58.05 percent), gur (57.57 percent), chilli powder (55.00 percent), and chicken (54.52 percent), while onions (25.53 percent), electricity for q1 (18.06 percent), pulse masoor (11.49 percent), LPG (3.75 percent), and vegetable ghee 1 kg (0.77 percent) have decreased.

According to PBS statistics issued on Thursday, the SPI for the week under review was 268.08 points, up from 258.45 points the previous week.

During the week, the prices of 20 goods (39.22 percent) climbed, 07 things (13.73 percent) declined, and 24 items (47.05 percent) were unchanged.

The SPI for the consumption groups up to Rs. 17,732, Rs. 17,732-Rs. 22,888, Rs. 22,889-Rs. 29,517, Rs. 29,518-Rs. 44,175 and above Rs. 44,175 climbed by 2.49 percent, 1.69 percent, 3.61 percent, 4.02 percent, and 3.87 percent, respectively.

Bananas (5.36 percent), sugar (1.15 percent), vegetable ghee Dalda/Habib 2.5 kg tin each (0.93 percent), cooking oil Dalda or other similar brands (sn), 5-liter tin each (0.89 percent), vegetable ghee Dalda/Habib or other superior quality 1 kg pouch each (0.72 percent), wheat flour bag 20 kg (0.17 percent), and pulse moong (0.16 percent).