Weeks after car crash injuries, Miss Venezuela, 26, dies

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    Venezuelan beauty queen Ariana Viera, who had been fighting for her life in a hospital following injuries sustained in a car accident, has passed away at the age of 26, as reported by New York Post. Ms. Viera’s car collided with a truck in Orlando on July 13, after she fell asleep at the wheel, according to the outlet. Almost ten days after the accident, Ms. Viera’s mother revealed in an interview with a Venezuelan television channel that her daughter had been experiencing fatigue and fell asleep while driving near Lake Nona.

    “They revived her, but when they were going to transfer her to trauma care, she didn’t make it,” her mother Vivian Ochoa said.

    The model and reigning Miss Venezuela reportedly suffered a heart attack after being revived.

    Ms. Viera was set to represent her home country in the Miss Latin America of the World 2023 competition in the Dominican Republic, scheduled for October.

    Her untimely death has sparked considerable discussion on social media, with users pointing out that just two months ago, she had posted a haunting video about her own funeral.

    In the caption of the video, which was shared on her Instagram handle in May, she said, “Recording myself for my future funeral because it’s always me who takes the videos; no one takes them of me.” The video depicted Ms. Viera engaging in everyday activities such as waking up, drinking water, and spending time around the house.

    Ms. Viera was also involved in the real estate sector and operated Full House Cleaning Service, as indicated on her Instagram page.

    According to the Post report, Ms. Viera’s father, who resides in Peru, applied for a humanitarian visa to attend his daughter’s funeral, but it was not approved until after the service had taken place.