What is on-going fued between Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian?

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The ongoing feud between Kourtney and Kim Kardashian has caused a significant rift between the reality star sisters, and their relationship seems to be deteriorating. The conflict originated from Kim’s collaboration with fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana, which happened shortly after Kourtney had partnered with the same brand for her wedding.

In the latest episode of their reality show, Kourtney expressed her reasons for avoiding a conversation with Kim about their issues. She questioned why Kim hadn’t reached out to express remorse if she truly felt bad about the situation. Kourtney attributed their competitive nature as sisters, stemming from being only 18 months apart, as a driving force behind their disagreements.

Kourtney went on to explain that she strives to have her identity, but she feels a lack of loyalty and a sense of greediness from Kim. She believes they already have everything they could want or need, and she questions if some of the fashion show photos are even from her wedding. Kourtney expressed her frustration with Kim’s behavior, describing her as intolerable, always preoccupied with her phone, and disengaged during conversations. These actions have caused Kourtney to distance herself and question what else Kim could take from her.

Kourtney clarified that the issue goes beyond a mere brand collaboration; it revolves around her wedding and the lack of support she felt from Kim. She felt that boundaries were crossed, and there was a lack of consideration for her feelings regarding the timing of Kim’s involvement with the brand.

Despite their ongoing drama, Kim recently celebrated Kourtney’s pregnancy, indicating that there may still be moments of support and reconciliation between the sisters. The Kardashian reality show airs new episodes on Hulu every Thursday, allowing fans to witness the unfolding events.