WhatsApp’s new feature improves group chats

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The messaging app WhatsApp is up for making users’ experience amazing with another improvement for the platform, WABetaInfo reported.

Identifying members in a group conversation will now be simpler thanks to an update to the Meta-own instant messenger.

The improvement pertains to the users’ profile icons, according to WhatsApp’s news tracker.

It will now be simpler to identify group members without a profile photo thanks to improvements WhatsApp is making to the thumbnails within group conversations, according to WABetaInfo.

It also mentioned that if Android users installed the most recent version update accessible from the Google Play Store, they would still be able to test out the same changes today.

As you can see in the snapshot that is attached, WhatsApp has made changes to the thumbnails of contacts whose profile images are inaccessible or hidden.

In order to make contacts easier to identify, WhatsApp used to provide a default empty profile photo with a colour that matched the contact’s name.

The initials of each group member’s name are now displayed in the redesigned appearance of the thumbnails thanks to the new functionality.

The improvement, according to the WhatsApp news tracker, will make it easier for other chat participants to easily recognize the contact represented by the thumbnail.

Open a group conversation and seek for a message sent by a group member whose profile image is hidden if you want to know if this function is accessible on your WhatsApp account.

More users will soon get access to the improved functionality.