When mob rules country! Hindu supremacists attack Muslims in India

Jamshedpur descended into civil war after conflicts between two factions over the alleged violation of religious banner

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Jamshedpur in India has descended into civil war as a result of conflicts between two factions over the alleged violation of a religious banner.

After Sunday’s rioting, the government implemented Section 144 and briefly shut down the internet.

In Shastrinagar, the crowds attacked one another with stones and set fire to two stores and an autorickshaw. In order to disperse the aggressive masses, police intervened and fired tear gas rounds.

After skirmishes, security personnel staged a flag march at the Kadma police station location on Monday morning.

A local organisation claimed that a piece of flesh had been attached to a Ram Navami banner, which sparked Saturday night’s violence, according to the police.

Ashok Swain has said in a tweet that the Hindu supremacists had attacked Muslims and their houses and shops in Jamshedpur, India, after a piece of meat was found to be tied to a religious flag!

He raised concerns over the reaction of society, saying, “When mob rules the country! A brother came to meet his married sister in MP, India; both were dragged out of her home, tied to a tree and thrashed brutally by a mob of vigilantes, accusing them of having an affair.”

Numerous organizations staged protests and demanded the quick arrest of those responsible. On Sunday night, though, when a business was destroyed, things got out of hand and there was brick-batting on both sides.

The violent battles have already resulted in dozens of injuries, and the situation in the region is still tense.