White House declines to confirm Netanyahu’s visit as US concerns rise

Message is that if you pursue objectionable policies there's no entitlement to Oval Office sit-down, David Makovsky

Picture source - Getty Images

White House has declined to confirm Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit to the United States as American concerns rise.

As per a Reuters report, a State Department spokesperson declined to confirm Israel’s PM visit.

Benjamin Netanyahu had been Israel’s prime minister for eleven weeks and it appeared that the United States was not pleased with the right-wing policies of his government.

However, the Israel embassy in Washington declined to comment.

David Makovsky, a former senior adviser to the Special Envoy for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations said, “The message they want to send is: If you pursue objectionable policies, there’s no entitlement to the Oval Office sit-down.”

Since the beginning of the year, protesters crowded Israel’s streets to voice their opposition to the government’s proposal to limit the Supreme Court’s authority.

Moreover, US officials, including Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin during a visit to Israel last week criticized the right-wing government’s action authorizing settler outposts and inflammatory comment from a member of Netanyahu’s cabinet with responsibility for Jewish settlements amid an uptick in West Bank violence.