Who is Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah?

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah is among the two judges who wrote a dissenting note in the Punjab and KP assembly elections.

Every lawyer holds Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah in high esteem.

Who is Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah?

In 2009, Justice Mansoor Ali Shah was promoted to the Lahore High Court bench. In early 2018, he was promoted to the Pakistan Supreme Court after almost two years as the Lahore High Court’s Chief Judge.

He attended Aitchison College in Lahore for his undergraduate studies and earned a law degree from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom as well as a master’s in economics from the University of Punjab. He professed a love of teaching and spent over two decades imparting legal knowledge at the Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan College of Law, and Punjab Law College. Also, he was on the steering group that created the LUMS law school.

Constitutional law, human rights, climate and water justice, environmental sustainability, disability rights, criminology, digital surveillance, privacy, and proportionality are among his specific interests. As Chief Justice, he promoted the development of Alternative Dispute Resolution Centers in Punjab to give an alternative to litigation to alleviate the chronic backlog and staggering pendency of cases.

He established Criminal and Civil Model Courts to foster collaboration among stakeholders in order to expedite the administration of justice, introduced Case Management and Court Automation Systems in Punjab, both at the Lahore High Court and the District Courts, and implemented the first-ever Enterprise IT System with the assistance of the Punjab Information Technology Board.

He has worked to establish e-courts at the Supreme Court of Pakistan by video connecting the Principal Seat of the Supreme Court with all of the Provincial Registries of the Supreme Court. This has reduced travel expenses for lawyers to Islamabad and freed up their schedules so they can handle more cases and work more effectively by avoiding adjournments.

Before Covid-19, this was done, and it has proven to be of extraordinary use throughout the epidemic. The new SC Judiciary Mobile Application has improved access to justice for litigants and attorneys by assisting them in navigating the cause lists and court schedules.