Who is Shahzada Dawood? Pakistani businessman who died in Titan submarine tragedy with his son

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    In a tragic incident that occurred on June 18, a specially designed submarine carrying five individuals, including Pakistani businessman Hussain Dawood’s son and grandson, disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean. The submarine, named Titan, was on a mission to explore the wreckage of the historic passenger ship, Titanic, which sank in 1912.

    Hussain Dawood, renowned for his business ventures and philanthropic endeavors, serves as the chairman of the Dawood Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting values-based and non-formal education in Pakistan. He is also the Chairman of the Board for Dawood Hercules Corporation and is recognized as the founder of Engro Corporation.

    Adding to his commitment to human development, Hussain Dawood plays a significant role in various institutions, including the Karachi School of Business and Leadership, the Karachi Education Initiative, and the Islamabad Policy Research Institute. He has actively engaged with the World Economic Forum in Geneva and has contributed to the local health sector through his involvement with prestigious institutions like Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and Al Shifa Eye Hospital in Rawalpindi.

    Hussain Dawood’s son, Prince Dawood( Shahzada Dawood), joined the board of Engro Corporation in 2003 and served as Vice Chairman until recently. He gained educational experience in the United Kingdom, obtaining a law degree from the University of Buckingham and an MSc in Global Textile Marketing from the University of Philadelphia. Prince Dawood was also a trustee of the SETI Institute, a space research company. Hussain Dawood’s contributions to society and his national services have been internationally recognized. The Italian government awarded him the ‘Order of Merit of the Italian Republic for his outstanding achievements.

    Tragically, both Prince Dawood and his son Sulaiman Dawood, a student at the University of Glasgow, were among the victims of the submarine tragedy. Sulaiman had completed his first year at the business school and was accompanying his father on the ill-fated journey.

    The company that owned the submarine, Oceangate, confirmed on June 22 that all five individuals on board, including the two Pakistani father and son, had lost their lives.

    The tragic loss of Prince Dawood and Sulaiman Dawood has left their family, friends, and the Pakistani community deeply saddened.