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Why didn’t Imran Abbas attend Saboor Aly’s wedding?

Actor Imran Abbas recently posted a question-answer session on his social media so that his fans could ask him the questions they had been wanting to ask for long.

Abbas was observed doing this after making a comeback to social media, from which he had taken a break following his mother’s demise.

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In the session that followed, one of the questions that came up for the popular celebrity was that why he wasn’t there at Saboor Aly’s wedding, while so many stars made it to the event. To this, Imran Abbas responded by saying that he had been in a state of depression for the past few months, resulting from his mother leaving for her heavenly abode. The actor made it clear that he had completely stopped socializing and was attending very few calls and events because having lost both of his parents, it wasn’t easy for him to quickly snap out of the trauma.

Imran Abbas added that his absence did not mean that he was on bad terms with Saboor Aly. In fact, Saboor Aly, like a good friend, understood his condition and despite inviting him wholeheartedly on all the events, didn’t force him to come.

The actor praised Saboor Aly for her considerate attitude towards his mental condition and said that this was how good friends should act. He also told his fans that Saboor Aly’s sister, Sajal Aly, also exhibited a very friendly temperament and kept a check on him throughout his depression to see if he was doing well.


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