Will Meghan Markle return for ‘Suits’ revival episode?

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The Suits producer recently discussed the possibility of Meghan Markle appearing in the upcoming revival episode.

Gene Klein, who served as the show’s executive producer for all nine seasons, has revealed the details.

He alluded to that while talking about his “sheer shock” after hearing about the show’s sudden success.

He began the discussion by calling the shift a “very proud moment” and reducing it to TV Line.

“I, obviously, had a sense when I found out it was coming to Netflix (that) it would probably get another burst of viewing and that kind of thing,” the producer said in an interview, “but I did not think this would happen.”

Kline acknowledged that “keeping everybody involved, getting all the actors’ deals done, and keeping them involved through the end of the show” would prove to be quite the difficulty when it came to assembling the cast for a revival episode, notably Meghan Markle.

With this in mind, Kline acknowledges that it would be unexpected to “thread that needle for a reunion,” but he would be “delighted if that happened because [when] you do a show for that long, everyone becomes such good friends.”

Kline believes that, about the Duchess of Sussex and her role as Rachel Zane, “I would assume that’s just not possible.”

The Duchess briefly mentioned the possibility of returning to acting in an interview with Variety but swiftly dismissed the idea by stating that “acting will not be an area of focus.”