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Will not stop till those responsible for KU attack punished: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

Sacrifices of both Chinese and Pakistanis for fostering ties of brotherhood will not go in vain

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari swore on Saturday that the government would work relentlessly until it has given “exemplary punishment” to those who were responsible for the suicide attack inside Karachi University last month. Four people, including three Chinese nationals were killed in the incident.

Addressing a condolence reference in Islamabad, he said the country was stunned and distraught at the terrible ordeal.

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The foreign minister said that the government condemned the cowardly act. He added that they would never forgive the enemies of Pakistan-China iron-clad strategic partnership. Bilawal said that the sacrifice of both the peoples in fostering the ties of brotherhood will not go in vain.

He vowed that the authorities would do everything they can to ensure maximum security is provided and will guarantee the safety of the Chinese citizens in Pakistan. The foreign minister went on to say that the KU suicide attack had been conducted using the rights of the Baloch as an “excuse”. He added that the nation is known for its hospitality and neither a Sindhi or a Baloch would ever tolerate terrorism targeting our guests.

He vowed that the country would emerge victorious in its fight against terrorism. The foreign minister added that those who would attack the all-weather Pakistan-China friendship would ultimately fail.



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