Will Ranveer Singh be able to fill in shoes of Shahrukh Khan in Don 3?

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The news of Ranveer Singh playing the iconic role of Don in the upcoming Don 3 film has sparked mixed reactions among fans. Farhan Akhtar, director of the franchise, announced the 2025 release on Instagram. While praising Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan’s previous portrayals, Akhtar revealed a new actor for the role.

Ranveer Singh’s casting as Don was met with diverse opinions. Some appreciated his star power and suitability, while others questioned the choice. Fans compared his version to SRK and Amitabh’s, with some defending that each actor brought their unique charm to the character.

Ranveer expressed his excitement on Instagram, sharing his dream to follow in the footsteps of Bachchan and SRK. He acknowledged the responsibility of continuing the Don legacy and hoped to gain the audience’s support. He thanked Farhan and Ritesh for the opportunity and promised to give his best to entertain fans.

The debate about whether Ranveer can match SRK’s portrayal will persist, much like when SRK replaced Amitabh. Only time will reveal if Ranveer can capture the essence of Don.