Will Sajjad Ali’s next music video feature Sonya Hussyn?

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Veteran singer Sajjad Ali shared a photo on his official Facebook page, a black-and-white still featuring him along with the popular actress, Sonya Hussyn.

The singer, however, did not reveal a lot of details except for the title of the song, which he mentioned in the caption as #Qarar, while the location as told by the music composer and singer was Alpine Hotel, Nathiagali.

“It’s about time,” Sajjad Ali added along, suggesting that he had been planning the project for quite long, waiting for the right time to start working on it and release it for his fans to enjoy.

Qarar, like all other songs of Sajjad Ali, will hopefully win the listeners’ hearts, for lately, the singer has developed this style of conscientiously working on his music projects, focusing on their every aspect – from lyrics and composition to filming and locations, Har Zulm being just one of the many examples.

The same day, Sajjad Ali was also found sharing the photo on his Instagram account as well, expressing excitement for the project. It is quite surprising though, that Sonya Hussyn, who is there in the stills being shared by Sajjad Ali, has not disclosed any details regarding the music video on any of her social media handles up till now. This suggests that #Qarar is going to be quite a special project which might suddenly take everyone by surprise.