Will young audiences accept Faysal Quraishi’s upcoming serial based on false rape accusations?

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Rape, owing to its unfortunate rampancy in Pakistan, has become the most widely discussed topic on every medium. From news bulletins and dailies to films and literature, rape is now talked about everywhere at length and from multiple perspectives that engender the varying mindsets we have in our society.

While the majority of the population rightly wants the issue to be seriously addressed and the women and children of the country to feel safe, another section dwells on next to none cases of false rape accusations resulting in the entire issue losing its significance to focus more on the incidents that are rare. It is for this reason that serials like Sangat, which sympathized with a rapist, and Jhooti, which was based on false accusations of domestic violence, were objected to with the argument that in a misogyny-driven society where people subjected to harassment are already ignored, silenced or victim-blamed, serials siding with the sexist section of the society create problems instead of providing solutions.

An upcoming serial of GEO TV, very much like these problematic projects, seems to be bringing similar objections on screen soon, for as its trailer shows, it is going to be based on a pious man being accused of sexual harassment.

Starring Faysal Quraishi, Momal Sheikh and Madiha Imam in the leading roles, this serial called Dil-e-Momin is going to air soon and has just released its first official trailer. The trailer shows Faysal Quraishi as an extremely pious son and an ideal husband who on the day of his Nikkah, is accused by a revengeful lover of his of an illegitimate relationship. The rest of the trailer shows how the entire serial, from there onwards, will be based on Quraishi’s attempts to cleanse himself of the accusation and make his fiancé believe that he isn’t to be blamed.

The serial, like most of GEO TV’s productions, promises to be a high-budgeted one which has made all the fans of Faysal Quraishi already quite excited. However, it is yet to be seen how drama critics, particularly the young and educated ones out there, will receive Dil-e-Momin.