Woman who can’t sleep: Quảng Ngãi from Vietnam

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In Quảng Ngãi, Vietnam, a 36-year-old woman has caught attention with her claims of enduring insomnia for more than 11 years, leaving many in awe and disbelief.

Ms. Tran Thi Luu, who works at a preschool in Quảng Ngãi City, has become a popular topic of discussion on Vietnamese social media after she mentioned in an interview that she could not sleep for more than 11 years.

She stated, “The story of me not sleeping for 11 years is true, not made up or embellished to ‘get likes’ or ‘get views’! If you look closely, you can see the effects. There are dark circles around my eyes, and the skin around them is also very dark. But before that, I was white and pink and had no blemishes on my face.”

She tails it back to bizarre crying episodes. Tears began flowing out of her eyes without any discernible cause. Her attempts to recline and shut her eyes failed to halt the constant flow of tears.

After some time the unusual crying eventually ceased but her ability to fall asleep was also lost. When her eyes get tired, she relaxes by lying down with her eyes closed but her mind remains fully awake.

She also credited her husband for providing unconditional support and encouragement all those nights. But she still couldn’t sleep and turned to Quang Ngai Provincial Mental Hospital for help. Doctors prescribed medication, but it came with severe side effects, notably excruciating leg pain.

Despite the severe physical discomfort, her overwhelming need for sleep compelled her to take the medication. However, due to the steep cost and the severe side effects, she ultimately had to cease using it.


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