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Won’t accept ‘govt of slaves, thieves’ till I’m alive: Imran

Says he had informed relevant quarters to stop ‘conspiracy’ or economy would suffer

Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Thursday that he is ready to go to jail or could even sacrifice his life for “real freedom” of the country but will not accept the incumbent government led by “slaves of US and thieves”.

“I will not accept this government of slaves and thieves till I am alive… I will not bow down before anyone nor will let my people be slaves to anyone,” he said while addressing a rally in Jhelum.

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He said that he had informed the relevant quarters that the country’s economy would take a plunge if the “conspiracy” succeeds, but nothing could be done about it.

The former prime minister went on to say that he talked to “those who could have stopped the conspiracy” and also sent the then finance minister Shaukat Tareen to have a word with them but it turned out to be a futile exercise.

Imran reiterated his allegations that foreign conspiracy was behind his ouster from power, saying: “Not America but the Biden administration conspired with ‘three stooges’ to topple my government”.

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“This is a defining moment for our country to decide whether we want to live in an independent country or remain a slave of the US,” he said while asking his supporters to participate in the long march to Islamabad to achieve the “real freedom”. “I am asking the courageous youth to participate in the war for real freedom.”

Hitting out at his political opponents, Imran said the coalition government led by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif came into power to end the accountability process and get relief in corruption cases. The anti-government public gathering was part of his party’s ongoing campaign to pile pressure on the PML-N-led government to call early elections.



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