World is talking about digital fasting. What is digital fasting?

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During Ramadan, many people fast for more than 12 hours every day. The world is now discussing digital fasting. This effective exercise is advised for everybody as our lives have been taken over by digital gadgets.

Who isn’t online these days?

Virtually all of us have cell phones, access to the internet, and watch television. According to one study, the typical user checks their phone 123 times each day to answer a call or check messages, in addition to surfing social networking sites and other applications.

In most cases, the term “digital fasting” refers to limiting the amount of time spent using technology, such as by turning off alerts, putting your phone away while working, and establishing time limitations.

How to practice digital fasting

Simple: turn off your phone, laptop, and television for a certain length of time every week, fortnight, or month, depending on your plan.

You might avoid using digital devices for a day or two.


This exercise can bring a lot of clarity. What’s genuinely happening in your body and mind will be visible to you. You will be able to tell if you have tight muscles; if you are in any discomfort, how your thoughts are behaving, and what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

Planning and reflection are excellent for rehabilitation. Yet, going on a digital fast will also give you time to rest and recharge. You may take a break from the frantic kind of life we lead by going on a digital fast.

This respite will help your body and mind to heal. Also, during this period, you’ll be able to more closely listen to your body and mind more to determine what kind of rest they require. A digital fast will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Also, taking a break from the internet and your phone can help you return to it more inspired and productive. Using your laptop for work won’t make you hate doing it. There won’t be as much weariness and strain on you.

How to kill boredom during digital fasting?

The main thing to remember here is to be absolutely alone. Not only do you not have anybody with you, but you also do not have your phone, music, or audiobooks. You and your ideas alone.

When fasting digitally, one can:

Visit friends and relatives you haven’t seen in a long time.

Read novels you’ve already read or try something new.

Establish and update objectives

Stretching and mobility drills.
Bake and cook.

Once you break your digital fast and are back in the digital world, please, keep browsing for more exciting updates.