World needs to move on from Ukraine war, says Indian official

Picture source - Reuters

India’s G20 summit negotiator Amitabh Kant said on Wednesday that the world needs to move on from the Ukraine war and focus on other issues like poverty.

Kant’s remarks came after two consecutive G20 ministerial gatherings in India in the previous three weeks that were overshadowed by the conflict, which entered its second-year last month.

Kant remarked, “Europe cannot bring growth, poverty, global debt, all developmental issues to a standstill across the world.”

He further questioned that when the south is struggling, when 75 nations are struggling under heavy debt loads when a third of the world is experiencing a recession, and especially when 200 million people have fallen into poverty. Can one battle stop the entire globe from moving?

Kant added that the world was only concerned with one war whereas people are getting wasted.

“The world needs to move on and Europe needs to find a solution to its challenges,” he added.

According to the foreign minister of India Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, “Europe must grow out of the mindset that its problems are the world’s problems, but the world’s problems are not Europe’s problems.”

Moreover, India declined to blame Russia for the war and sought a diplomatic solution while boosting its purchases of Russian oil.