World Orphans Day and Muslim world

"An orphan child is like an unguided missile; it is an atomic bomb regardless of the consequences. The way society deals with him, he would treat the society in the same way"

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The shadow of a parent is, of course, an integral part of every child’s life. No child can survive in the ups and downs of life without the support of parents. Every child up to the age of 18 needs parents to meet all social and mental needs, including education, health and food. Let’s say that the basic need of any human being to move forward in life is the support of his parents.

According to UNICEF, more than 10,000 children around the world are being deprived of their parents’ support every day. There are currently about 170 million orphans worldwide, of whom 2.5 million children have no parents. Though these figures are recognized and verified by various international organizations, the fact is that the number of orphans around the world is much higher than it is reported.

According to the United Nations, the majority of these orphans belong to poor African and Asian countries. While war, unrest and natural disasters bring a message of destruction to countries and nations, the lives of innocent children are also tested.

While the world scene has changed rapidly over the past two decades, wars, natural disasters and accidents in different countries have created a tragedy in the form of orphans. Orphans are deprived of necessities including shelter, education, food, and this is a dilemma of today’s world. Given the situation, eight years ago today, in December 2013, at the proposal of the Turkish charity IHH, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) declared Ramazan 15 as Orphan Day for the first time.

Keeping this experience in mind, a meeting of organizations working for orphans in Pakistan was held in which the problems of orphans in the country and their solutions were discussed. Later, the 15th of Ramadan was also named Orphans Day. An alliance called the Orphan Care Forum has been formed with more than a dozen organizations working for orphans being members of the forum.

Any organization or institution working for the welfare of orphans in the country can be a part of the “Pakistan Orphan Care Forum”.

The blessed month of Ramazan has once again come into our lives. In this month, where the reward of goodness is multiplied many times over, a large number of Pakistanis worship as well as spend for the sake of Allah. Of course, during this month, the hands of the institutions working for the upbringing and education of orphans should be strengthened so that these children can move forward in their lives like other children of the society.

The question is why sponsorship of orphans is necessary? While sponsoring orphans is a source of reward and intercession for the Prophet (PBUH), it is also important to guide these children in the right direction to build a peaceful society. In my opinion, an orphan child is like an unguided missile, it is an atomic bomb regardless of the consequences. The way society deals with him, he would treat the society in the same way.

Due to the lack of supervision, likely, the orphan children often go on the path of destruction. A developing country like Pakistan cannot ignore millions of orphans where these orphans are raw gold who can be turned into diamond by paying full attention to them.

Nearly five million orphans in Pakistan can be a major threat due to neglect of their loved ones and neglect of society as a general. These innocent flowers are in danger of falling into the hands of beggar mafia, organ mafia and human smugglers, not just criminals. They also keep an eye on such children and can use them for their purposes at any time. Although the situation in Pakistan is not so dire, as the relatives of the orphans raise them in the light of Islamic teachings, NGOs come to their aid, many philanthropic-minded individuals consider it their duty to support the orphans, the threat has not been prevented fully. It is still there. And millions of children are still looking at us to help them out.

If they need financiers like you and I, who cultivate these buds from their wealth, make them useful citizens of the society by paying close attention to them, then what the best investment could be other than this one. Let’s fill the colors of love in the bright colors of our beloved homeland, become a firefly and help these children see the right path. This is possible only when we take care of these children to the best of our capability. And if we cannot afford it at the individual level, then we should join the hands of such organizations which are carrying out the duty of sheltering, educating and protecting these children.

On the occasion of World Orphan’s Day, convey the message of love and care to the orphan children. Embrace them in such a way that the eyes of a criminal group do not reach this precious capital of the beloved country. These five million orphans should not stand begging on the signal but should raise slogans of long live Pakistan in the school assembly. Let us pledge to the orphans during these blessed hours of Ramazan that they too have the full right to live, study and move forward and we will give them all of their rights. It is in this covenant that we can reach our destination.