World Refugee Day: Pakistan demands world’s focus for developing countries

Refugees are the worst victims of war, conflicts, poverty and economic inequality, Shehbaz Sharif

Picture source - APP

Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif has demanded the world to help those developing countries that are continuously hosting a large number of refugees.

In a message on social media on the occasion of World Refugee Day, Shehbaz said that refugees were the worst victims of war and conflicts; adding that poverty and economic inequality also affected them.

He said that renewed policy focus and resources were the need of refugees from Syria to Palestine to Afghanistan.

It is important to mention that Pakistan hosts over three million refugees. On the occasion of World Refugees Day, the country has called for a need for renewed international commitment, in the context of COVID-compounded socio-economic and health challenges, through regular, predictable and adequate financing for Afghan refugees including their safe and dignified return.

Also, it is important to undertake necessary measures for the stability and sustainable socio-economic development of Afghanistan, in order to avert the possibility of any future refugee exodus from the country.