World understands what’s happening behind scenes, says Sheikh Rasheed

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Former federal minister Sheikh Rasheed says that no one’s coming and going would affects the health of politics. He said that the decisions are being made by those who have been making them earlier.

Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rasheed tweeted, “When the judges say they will not leave you without a press conference and delete the tweet, the world understands what is happening behind the scenes.”

Sheikh Rasheed said that there are markets of sellers, people are only passing from the front of cameras, no one’s coming and going affects the health of politics.

The former federal minister said that political puppets have no status, none of those who are leaving the parties have left the party for the first time.

Sheikh Rasheed further said that the Chief Justice has said that he is working for the pleasure of Allah, I am repeatedly saying that the problem is economic, poverty, inflation and unemployment.