World’s 31 people who own more wealth than U.S. treasury

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The delay in the debt increase agreement has caused a record drop in the United States treasury.

As of May 25, the U.S. Treasury had $38.5 billion in cash which is $200 billion less from April.

In contrast, 31 people in the world are richer and have more money than the money in the US government treasury.

According to the Bloomberg Billion Air Index, bernard arnault, the world’s richest person, owns almost five times more wealth than the amount in the US treasury.

Similarly, Tesla owner Elon Musk owns $ 190 billion, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos $ 144 billion, Bill Gates $ 126 billion, Larry Ellison $ 118 billion, Steve Ballmer $ 115 billion, Warren Buffett $ 112 billion, Larry Page $ 112 billion, Sergey Brin $ 106 billion and Mark Zuckerberg $ 95.8 billion.

Even two people each from China and India own more wealth than the US treasury at the moment.

If the U.S. House of Representatives does not raise the debt limit by June 5, the U.S. government will face a shortage of money to pay.