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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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EditorialWorld's poor response to flood losses

World’s poor response to flood losses

As if the damage done by colonization in the past was not enough, developed countries have highly contributed to global warming and climate change which is destroying countries like Pakistan. According to a report published by World Weather Attribution (WWA), an international meteorological expert group, climate change has exacerbated the usual weather conditions in Pakistan. Although the country receives a large amount of rain in the monsoon season every year, this time, rainfall was 50 percent heavier than in earlier years. This figure is only likely to increase with the passage of time as the planet will continue to get hotter due to the climate-damaging activities of the developed world.

As per the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) this year’s floods, brought about by heavy monsoon rains and glacial melt in the northern mountains, have led to the death of 1,500 people. Moreover, 33 million out of a population of 220 million have been displaced. The unprecedented amount of water has also ravaged homes, and crops and swept away vehicles and livestock. The damage is estimated at $30 billion.

The report also suggested that Pakistan should ask for compensation from the developed world for the damage their actions have done to the third world. Climate reparations must be introduced now that the effects of it can be truly seen. Pakistan is responsible for less than 1% of the global emissions, so why should it suffer? Due to global warming, glaciers are melting faster and Pakistan houses many of those. The large amounts of water that are let out by the glaciers every year in summer cannot be held in dams and reservoirs anymore because Pakistan does not have enough of those. Moreover, no amount of planning and development can meet the needs caused by climate change. Ergo, it is the developed world’s job to compensate countries that have suffered, are suffering, and will suffer because of their actions.

At the COP27 this year in November, it is imperative for Pakistan and other developing countries that are suffering due to climate change to make the developed world realize and pay for their actions. More than 400 organizations around the world have signed a petition asking for loss and damage to be an official agenda at the conference this year in Egypt. Not only do governments need to put a cap on their emissions, but they also need to pay up now. It is their moral and ethical duty. It is claimed by many that the world has become a global village due to globalization; if this is the case then it is their duty to look after those they have severely damaged.

As for the current flooding situation, Pakistan has received humanitarian aid from multiple countries and organizations. However, it is still not enough and neither is it being raised at the speed it should be. Donations for the restoration of the burnt Notre Dame Cathedral were collected faster than those being collected for the 33 million real human beings displaced in Pakistan. The magnitude of the damage is still not being understood by the world because this is not a European issue. The appeals of the brown man must also be listened to and catered to as fast as those of the white man.

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