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Yashma Gill comes under fire for wearing pants on her way to Umrah

Popular actress Yashma Gill took to her Instagram yesterday to post a few pics and videos showing her along with her family at the airport, with a caption that said that they were on their way to “Allah SWT’s house” (Makkah).

However, not knowing that she would still be criticized by the nosy public, Yashma Gill didn’t mind sharing a video showing her wearing a pair of faded jeans before boarding the plane. Although the follow-up stories did show her properly clad in an abaya, the public made sure to school her for sharing an initial video in a casual dress, which they thought was not acceptable at all if she intended to go for Umrah.

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A few commentators were even rude enough to ask her not to go for Umrah, as she would not be able to do it considering her profession and her choice of clothes. The majority took it upon itself to tell her to wear an abaya instead of jeans.

It was also surprising to see that a few people even made guesses about her religion, saying that Yashma Gill was either a Christian or an atheist before, and had but recently turned to Islam. Unfortunately, there were very few commentators who actually wished the actress the best of luck for her journey or admired her for her pious act in the holy month of Ramazan.



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