Yashma Gill defends Sahiba Rambo over her viral statement about ‘not wanting daughters’

Sahiba Rambo landed herself in trouble last week when a statement of hers, which she gave on Nida Yasir’s show, became viral.

Sahiba was found saying that she considered herself lucky to have been blessed with sons and not daughters, for she never wanted a daughter. She later expanded on her statement, saying that the reason she said so was because of the maltreatment of women at the hands of a patriarchal society like ours, due to which parents were always fearful of their daughters’ fate.

Very few people were able to get to the depth of Sahiba’s statement, and instantly started accusing the actress of being a misogynist without understanding her concerns, being a woman herself.

Amongst the very few celebrities who came to the defense of Sahiba Rambo was Yashma Gill, who schooled the public for choosing a chunk of one’s statement and making it viral to get ratings instead of listening to the entire statement. This is how Yashma Gill’s statement in favour of Sahiba went after seeing people trolling her:

“Exactly why I keep talking about having some legal barriers for what can and can’t be posted on social media! One comment can break families apart, break hearts, destroy someone’s mental health and so much more…..please start giving people the benefit of the doubt!”

In response to this and a few other statements which Sahiba’s colleagues gave in her favour, the actress said that trolling apart, at least she had gotten to know who her true friends were and who were more interested in garnering views and ratings for their social media statements.