Yasir Rao announces to form ‘PTI Haqiqi’ political party

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Yasir Rao announced the creation of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Haqiqi on Thursday to bring youngsters together.

At a news conference held in Multan, Rao declared, “I announce the formation of PTI Haqiqi on Martyrs’ Day.” Although the party isn’t formally accepted by the Pakistani Election Commission, he is confident that it will succeed.

Former PTI youth wing leader Rao Yasir sharply denounced the violence of May 9 and the Imran Khan party’s poor choices, which have put the nation in a precarious position.

I’ll advocate for the innocent and bring the Pakistani youth together on this platform, he declared. “The youth leaders will visit the parliament whenever elections are held.”

He stated that he will register this party and obtain the electoral symbol two days later. “The youth should support PTI Haqiqi if they want to change the country,” he continued.

There has been a crackdown against PTI leaders and workers since the events of May 2009. Some of the most important party leaders have defected, and some have been arrested.