Yasra Rizvi shares a photoshoot based on forced marriages, and netizens are having serious doubts

Actor, poetess and sometimes director Yasra Rizvi’s low-budgeted wedding and that too with a guy younger than her is not something new for Pakistanis. A few months back, Yasra also gave birth to a baby, thus spreading happiness among all her fans who are already always on the look-out for what’s happening in their favourite celebrities’ lives.

Recently, however, a photoshoot shared by Yasra Rizvi has raised some doubts and concerns over the actress’s own relationship with her husband, for the captions that Rizvi has been adding along her photos do not seem to be as general as the actress wants them to sound like.

The photoshoot is based on the theme of forced marriages, thereby showing Rizvi wearing shackles and being dragged through the use of a chain around her neck, all the while wearing bridal dress and jewellery. The photoshoot carries two pictures with different postures revolving around the same theme, while in the captions, Yasra Rizvi is found saying that marriage is but a social contract demanding both the partners to fulfill their responsibilities. Then, hinting at life-long abusive marriages, she further goes on to say that considering marriage a never-ending relationship despite its failure to bring positivity and happiness is like inviting a self-inflicted punishment, which should never be the case, and divorce should not be labelled as a taboo.

Expanding on the concept of divorce being a shameful act in our part of the world, in her second photo, Yasra Rizvi talks at length regarding marriages that aren’t working out but have to be kept intact only because the society divorce-shames you. However, what has raised some doubts regarding Yasra Rizvi’s own marriage is her statement in which she says that everyone has the right to marry the person of their choice. If, unfortunately, the decision turns out to be wrong, then you are also free to walk out of that marriage. Giving an opinion and imposing yourself on someone are two different things, says Rizvi, further adding that divorce shaming and forced marriages need to stop, for many peoples’ basic rights are trampled on in the name of tradition.

Although Yasra Rizvi keeps on mentioning time and again that it is the forced marriages that need to end while everyone knows that Rizvi’s was a love marriage, netizens are not ready to accept Yasra Rizvi’s Instagram post as a general take on the society. Most of the commentators have decided to tarry on the actress’s statement on some marriages turning out to be mistakes, thus attaining the opportunity to probe into Yasra’s own married life and see if the posts are a result of her own disrupted married life. While responding to a similar comment, however, the actress also said that no one would decide to do a photoshoot based on their failing marriage. Still, the majority is not ready to take the entire thing as a stance on our society’s lethal traditions, but are bent upon taking Yasra’s sadness-exuding photos and lengthy captions on failing marriages as a reflection of her own experiences.

While this is what Pakistanis are thinking, the actress herself has given no such statement which may reflect a disturbed married life.