Youth urged to acquire skills suited to resolving national problems

Speakers at an event organized under the auspices of Young Legal Activists Society in Mumtaz Mirza Auditorium Hyderabad on Saturday evening highlighted the issues being faced by the general public owing to the lack of awareness pertaining to the fundamental rights envisaged in the Constitution of Pakistan.

They said that young lawyers were aimlessly heading into the legal profession despite the fact that there were various opportunities for them in this field. Noted lawyer and politician Ayaz Latif Palijo addressing the gathering said that people of Pakistan had pinned their hopes on the young generation in the wake of the current crisis. “Youth need not to look at this situation in isolation; they should also invest their skills and abilities on finding solutions to the problems that Pakistan has been facing for years”; held Palijo adding that extracting opportunities out of crisis is an art that youth of Sindh should learn.

He further said that things would change by the exigency of time but the young generation of this country should not lose hope, for that hope and courage were two essential elements to survive in this era of competition. Advocate Pushba Kumari said that the practical execution of fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution was becoming difficult following lack of awareness and literacy.

“Women and children in our society were vulnerable in spite of the fact that the constitution has permitted legislation of special laws for them”; she said and added that before heading towards execution of such laws the government should take measures for creating mass awareness pertaining to the importance and effectiveness of those laws.

She mentioned that other countries of the world had taken exemplary steps towards practical dispensation and protection of fundamental rights and added that political will was missing here that had led to derogation of fundamental rights. Advocate High Court Rahid Samsam Khan talked about the increasing cases of cyber-crime and the laws enacted to curb such cases. He said that youth should keenly explore the laws pertaining to prevention of cyber laws as the scope of these laws was getting wider and wider with every passing day.

Advocate Ahmed Rashid said that law graduates should not be worried about their career in the field of law as there were various opportunities for them to foster and thrive in this field. He was of the view that youth from deprived areas of Sindh should join the legal profession for the protection of their rights. Talking about the objectives of Young Legal Activists Society Advocate Junaid Ahmed said that they aimed at educating common man about his rights that had been guaranteed as well as protected by the law. In the wake of changing state of affairs the initiative of YLAS would prove like a beacon of hope for dejected youth he said. Towards the end certificates were distributed among the organizers of the event, while speakers were bestowed with the “Token of Honor” in recognition of their services to the society.

Kamran Khamiso Khowaja is the district correspondent of Daily Minute Mirror From Thatta and Sujawal. He covers social, political, environmental and cultural stories. He can be reached on Twitter @ZaibSha1 and through email at