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YouTube channel “Kabaar-khana” to incorporate dramatic works by top-notch contemporary writers of Pakistan

Popular drama and film writer Faseeh Bari Khan, in collaboration with the veteran actress Faiza Hasan has initiated a YouTube channel with the purpose of giving writers the liberty to formulate narratives the way they wish to. With a lot of restrictions by PEMRA on national television, drama serials have been reduced to domesticated stories unfolding and concluding within the four walls of houses, based on either love triangles or saas-basu conflicts. This has resulted in a lot of excellent writers penning substandard dramas, for they are forced to write keeping in mind the basic formula as presented to them by the channels. 

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The web, however, has given Pakistani screen playwrights a ray of hope, for they have the freedom to write on what they like, and how they like. One such example has been “Chintoo Ki Mummy”, a short web-series written by Faseeh Bari Khan for “Kabaar-khana”, telling how both excessive sex and an altogether lack of it can lead to both the partners’ poor mental health, peripherally giving a statement or two on issues like body shaming and excessive porn-watching as well. 

Starting with his own writings, Khan has now brought in multiple writers from the drama industry, all of whom will be contributing to the channel, initially in the form of short films. The writers are those who have given blockbusters on television, such as Mustafa Afridi (“Sang e Marmar”), Bee Gul (“Dar Si Jati Hai Sila”), Amna Mufti (“Ullu Baraaye Farokht Nahi”) and Faiza Iftikhar (“Dil Lagi”) to name only one project by each. Otherwise, all of these dramatists have multiple hit and award-winning projects to their names. For a change, Khan has also roped in Neelum Ahmad Bashir for the channel, who is usually known for her articles and short stories. 

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On Facebook, Faseeh Bari Khan keeps the viewers updated about the writers as well as the titles of the short films that have been written by them, soon to release on “Kabaar-khana”. The film the shoot of which is in progress is called “Dafa Ho Jao Tum”, written by Khan himself. “Dafa Ho Jao Tum” stars famous film actress Resham, and is going to be Faseeh Bari Khan’s directorial debut as well.

It is when the other short films are released that we’ll get to know how writers like Mustafa Afridi, Faiza Iftikhar, Bee Gul and Amna Mufti, who otherwise are careful on the television, utilize a web channel for their creative writing.



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