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Yumna Zaidi sure knows how to influence fans positively

Yumna Zaidi, the absolute stunner from Pyar Ke Sadkey and the recent LUX Style Award (LSA) winner teaches trolls a lesson in her latest Instagram live and we cannot thank her enough for doing so.

It is said that you are what you do. Your outer beauty is a reflection of your inner self and your soul. Your face has a lot to say about your intentions and what’s in your heart.

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Right after procuring two of her well-deserved awards, Zaidi, as humbly as ever, took to Instagram to thank all her fans without whom she would not have been able to achieve great fame and success. She then also addressed a fan’s question about the reason for her ever-glowing skin. It turned out that her good skin is not just down to genes but also glows due to a pure heart. Giving it away as a glam tip, Zaidi advised everyone to have a good heart and avoid negativity. No matter what you do on the outer self to look good, it is equally important to be good on the inside as well, the much-adored celebrity suggested.

Picture by Kamran Mehdi

In a time when social media has given everyone the power of speaking their minds, many have taken it upon themselves to reform others. Not to mention, the amount of hatred and negativity they portray, the trolls consider it their right to insult others in the name of righteousness and reformation. From Nida Yasir’s son’s haircut to Minal Khan’s dressing on her honeymoon, down to Mira Sethi’s attire on LSA and Iqrar ul Hassan’s apology speech, trolls have not missed a single chance to bash.

In attempts to criticize others, we mostly forget the amount of pain we inflict on them. While everyone is busy fighting the battles of their lives, these trolls won’t leave out a chance to weigh them down even further.

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While it is an absolute pleasure having followers in millions on social media, it is also a responsibility to influence them positively and Zaidi sure knows how to do just that.


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