Zardari reiterates need of ‘Charter of Economy’

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Asif Ali Zardari, co-chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and a crucial ally in the coalition government, has reiterated his call for a “charter of economy” on Wednesday emphasizing the need of teamwork in addressing the country’s economic woes.

Former president said that there is a need to talk about democracy and make long-term policies on the economy.

Addressing the FPCCI ceremony, he said “the big businessmen of Punjab should come together, I guarantee investment, first make people rich then impose taxes.” He said that Pakistan now has the ability to move forward.

He said that PPP has always taken care of the business community, the betterment of the economy is necessary for our future generations, the economy is not made for five to ten years but for generations.

Co-chairman PPP said that there is a need to promote public-private partnership in the country, Gwadar has been there for 70 years, no one could see, I signed Gwadar agreement with China, increasing exports solves the problems.

He said that the foreign investor also takes back the money, the foreign investor earns five dollars for one dollar, and defense spending is propagated to be high.