Zaviyar Nauman under fire for getting lead role in another project

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With rising stars, the Pakistani drama industry is becoming more competitive. New rising stars are beefing up the competition in the industry. So when the industry is more competitive, viewers have also elevated their expectations of celebrities to new highs.

Talking about one of the new editions to the industry; Zaviyar Nauman Ijaz is gaining momentum so fast. He is becoming the face of many new projects and getting lead roles in many dramas. So his frequency of getting projects is raising eyebrows among the viewers.

The actor got another lead role in a project titled “Mumkin.” This upcoming project will be directed by Ahmed Bhatti who previously directed “Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi.” But in the eyes of viewers, this is based on nepotism and they started bashing him on social media.

He shared a beautiful picture on Instagram. People appreciated his look and persona in the picture but in the same picture, there are lots of people who started criticizing the star. According to them, he is getting more lead roles because of nepotism.

Previously, “Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha” actor addressed this allegation. He explained that he understands that people link his success with his father but on the flip side of the coin, there is also a great liability for him. Furthermore, he accepted that he is a nepo kid and he also owns it but he will also prove people wrong with his hard work.