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Zelensky’s visits to US wins Biden’s support

The president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky’s unexpected visit to the White House has won him President Joe Biden’s support and praises for defying Moscow.

“Thank you, first of all, it’s a great honour to be here,” Zelensky told the US president.

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The meeting turned out to be a high point in relations between Ukraine and its most significant ally, shining a spotlight on a partnership that had been bolstered by Russia’s invasion.

Zelensky’s journey here marks his first journey outside of Ukraine since the fighting began in February.

It also emphasized the trust between the two countries through a meeting at the White House, a visit to Congress, and a focus on more armaments for Kyiv.

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International Crisis Group UN Director Richard Gowan said, “Friction is inevitable even between close allies in wartime.”

He further added that the US and UK had bitter disagreements about how to win the Second World War. Therefore, I don’t believe we should necessarily allow daily conflict to conceal how much assistance the US has provided to Ukraine.

Over the past year, the tension between the two leaders had been on display numerous significant times.

Earlier, Zelensky claimed that rockets that fell in Poland last month were not from Ukraine. Biden categorically refuted this claim, telling reporters: “That’s not the evidence.”

And Zelensky in January also accused Washington and the media of stoking panic that weighed on the economy while there were no tanks in the streets as the US warned that Moscow was gathering tens of thousands of troops to invade.


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