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90s’ Bollywood romance and western clothes: Trailer for Pakistani film ‘Thori Setting Thora Pyar’ invites displeasure

While the majority of the Pakistani society now wants rooted, realistic films to be made in their homeland, a certain set of directors does not seem to understand that with platforms like Netflix and Amazon, the collective aesthetic sense of the audience has evolved and they now expect in the mainstream what was once pushed into the foreground as ‘Parallel Cinema’.

One commercial film after another has disappointed a lot of Pakistanis, who now openly say that directors do not consider them intelligent enough to give them quality entertainment, and are still making for them what Bollywood would produce back in the 90s and is now ashamed of itself.

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An addition to this list of commercial films is ‘Thori Setting Thora Pyar’, the very title of which suggests that it will have nothing to offer but stereotypical romance. The trailer of this film, which is slated for release next month has invited a lot of displeasure, with the viewers not ready to buy objectified female characters posing in the mountains.

The trailer has been making rounds on social media, but for all the wrong reasons, for it is being shared by people for the mere purpose of teaching producers and directors that the world has grown way beyond such films, and the Pakistani audience too, has grown enough to realize that such content revolving around physical attraction is neither the need of the time, nor something to be taught in an era in which people are trying their best to nullify stereotypes of all kinds.




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