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About Us

Our Mission

An independent newspaper, Minute Mirror is delivering news to its readers on a variety of public interest topics at a lightning speed through its print and online editions, as well as multiple social media platforms. We launched Minute Mirror in May 2021, with the shared belief that journalism must be held to the highest verification standards, without compromising on insightful and creative provision of news and analyses on the rapidly changing events that frame the contemporary world.

We recognize that the misinformation pandemic that is often spread through social media platforms, is an existential threat to democracy. We assure our readers that our team is working tirelessly to counter this erosion of truth that leads to a rising hysteria about and dwindling trust in the news media industry.

About Us

Minute Mirror is the business entity of ONENESS MEDIA GROUP under the flagship of ONENESS PRIVATE LIMITED. Board of directors of Oneness PVT Ltd carries sole rights for printing, marketing and to deal with business affairs of the newspaper and its associated things. Chief Executive ONENESS PRIVATE LIMITED Mr Ali Sajjad founded Minute Mirror as an independent newspaper with the belief that journalism must be fact-based, and readers needed efficient and reliable coverage of topics shaping the fast-changing world around us. We are committed to drawing the line between real and fake news. We know it requires extraordinary effort to share what is responsible and authentic. We urge our readers to hold us accountable if they find an error or a propaganda item in our print edition or our flagship online edition – minutemirror.com.pk. We will deliver not just quality news reports, commentary, and blogs on a variety of topics such as politics, sports, business, society, and lifestyle, but will also bring you editorials from seasoned journalists, as well as articles from prominent experts and intellectuals. We strive for our model of journalism to be a participatory endeavour and encourage our readers to share, interact with and contribute to our content.

Chief Editor Ali Sajjad’s Message

Minute Mirror is not only a one-stop source of latest news updates and entertainment, but is also a major source of inculcating critical thinking among readers about the core issues of our surroundings. Our mission is to dig and seek the truth and defeat lies clothed in news. This is the only way to empower society and make it stronger. With a dedicated team of professional editors and reporters, Minute Mirror promotes objective and pro-democracy journalism with the aim of addressing public’s concerns.

Ali Sajjad