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Arctic, Antarctica register 30 to 40 degree Celsius above normal

Scientists say no immediate connection with climate change, continuing monitoring and research

Temperatures in the Arctic regions and Antarctica have dramatically increased by at least 30 to 40 degrees Celsius, multiple reports said on Friday, March 18.

The event indicates that there is a coinciding temperature increase in both of Earth’s polar regions, considered to be an uncommon natural phenomenon.

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Rising temperatures across the globe during recent years have been said to be a cause of climate change. However, this is supposedly the first time that both polar regions have experienced a rise in temperature simultaneously.

According to foreign media reports, scientists and climate experts have said that the event was rare and uncommon. Research over recent years indicated that global warming led to the melting of glaciers in Antarctica and in the Arctic, leading to a global rise of sea level.

Antarctica recorded a temperature of 4.8 degrees Celsius on Friday, whereas the Arctic regions recorded temperature at 3.3 degrees Celsius. Scientists have not linked the sudden temperature rise to climate change, and have stated that they were continuing monitoring and research of the strange phenomenon.

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A report by international news agency Associated Press, while quoting researchers, said that further sudden warming may be linked to climate change and global warming.



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