Asia should not become arena for big powers, says Xi

Picture source - AP

Chinese President XI Jinping stated that Asia should not allow big powers to use it as an arena for their contests.

Xi stated that Asia-Pacific is not anyone’s backyard and should not become an area for big powers.

Xi further added, “No attempt to wage a new cold war will ever be allowed by the people or by our times.”

Xi passed the remarks at Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Bangkok.

He further urged Asian states to follow a path of openness and inclusiveness.

He went on to say that every attempt to politicize and weaponize trade and economic interactions should be opposed along with unilateralism and protectionism.

The APEC summit came after several regional gatherings that had been dominated by geopolitical tension related to the conflict in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was absent from both G20 and APEC summits despite being a member.

However, Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov is expected to represent him at APEC.


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