Assistance of $5bn needed to avoid disaster in Kabul: UN

Afghanistan will have no future in absence of assistance: UN

Picture Source: AFP

Assistance of $5 billion is required for Kabul to avoid a human disaster this year and provide a future to the wrecked nation following four decades of miseries, according to the United Nations (UN).

According to France24, making its largest plea for one nation alone, the UN stated that $4.4bn was required for Kabul, while an additional $623 million was needed to back up the millions of citizens living further away from the boundaries.

Afghanistan’s 22 million inhabitants and an additional 5.7 million dislocated Afghans in nearby states required essential relief in 2022, revealed the UN.

UN assistance head Martin Griffiths, while addressing the media in Geneva, stated that a complete humanitarian disaster was impending and that the country would have no future in the absence of assistance. His communication was immediate: not to close the door to the Afghan people.

Griffith pleaded for assistance to restrict and ward off famine, illness, malnourishment and eventually casualties.

Afghanistan has been reduced to economic unrest, following the capture of Kabul by the Taliban in mid-August last year, along with increasing prices and joblessness.

The US has blocked billions of dollars of Afghan assets, while aid provisions have been seriously interrupted.

The country also went through its most acute drought in 2021, which was ongoing for some decades.

He added that a positive reaction to the plea would assist UN organizations boost the supply of food and agrarian help, medical services, hunger treatment, first-aid housing, outreach of water and hygiene, safety and education.

Approximately 4.7 million people would be exposed to grave malnourishment this year, including 1.1 million kids with critical malnourishment.

The funding would reach more than 150 NGOs as well as UN organizations supplying assistance. A part of it would be utilized for salaries of leading-edge staff like medical personnel – but the aid would trickle into Afghanistan while skipping the grip of the Taliban officials.