Bilal Qureshi wants Mehreen Jabbar and Momina Duraid to bring change

Recently, director Mehreen Jabbar and producer Momina Duraid spoke up against Pakistani dramas being made within the framework of Indian style of production, calling out the bad lighting, non-stop music, dragged storylines and overdone make-up of the female actors.

In response to them, actor and host Bilal Qureshi took to his Instagram story to say that instead of uttering mere words, such people who are on senior positions should bring about some practical changes in Pakistan’s drama industry so that such complaints are met and accordingly dealt with. Here’s how his status went:

“Completely agreed. But I’m not in a position to say it all (because I work for survival) but they both (Mehreen Jabbar and Momina Duraid) are….So why don’t you guys change the trend…”

It was also interesting to note how Qureshi pointed out the helplessness of actors who work to run their homes and have to accept whatever comes their way. However, with producers as giant as Momina Duraid and trendsetting directors like Mehreen Jabbar, the actors can also get to have some good, worth-watching projects, he believes.

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