Boston Dynamics robot dogs to create artwork for National Gallery of Victoria

Famous artist Agnieszka Pilat is currently training three Boston Dynamics robot dogs to paint for the National Gallery of Victoria’s upcoming exhibition.

According to a press statement from the exhibitor, the robots will be taught over four months.

One of the robot dogs “Spot” even resides in New York with the artist. She gave him the name Basia.

The NGV Triennial for this year, which opens in Melbourne in December, will feature three autonomous robots that will paint utilizing sticks of oil paint on a canvas with an acrylic ground that is mounted to the wall.

Basia is viewed by Pilat as “a companion,” and she declares that she will miss it while he is painting in Melbourne.

It feels like having a small child; at some point, you have to let the child get on the bus by themselves, she said on Wednesday, according to The Guardian.

Pilat had already been asked by Boston Dynamics to paint a portrait of Spot, which is how she got to know the machines better.

She calls the robotic creatures “partners of humanity” and “playful.”

It was announced last month that robotics experts from Carnegie Mellon University and UC Berkeley in the United States had been able to teach the robotic dog new skills, such as opening a door and kicking a ball, adding an entirely new dimension to what they accomplish. They appeared in a Coperni fashion show as well.